Guidelines to drive safe on Namibia roads

Here at Oryx Off Road Car Rental nothing is more important than the save return of our valued Customers.
Therefore we have listed a few driving Safety Guidelines when travelling on the vast Namibian Roads. Please take some time to read through them.

-In Namibia we drive on the left-hand side.
- Speed Limit
Town: 60 km/hour; Gravel Roads (C roads): 80 km/hour and Highways: 120 km/hour (B roads)
-Never use the 4x4 setting of the vehicle on tar roads, or when driving above 60km/h on gravel roads. This will cause extensive damage to the gearbox.
-Always keep your lights on (so you can be seen due to the dust and or fog at the coast).
- In traffic circles, vehicles from your right have the right of way.
- Never pick up strangers or hitchhikers
- As distances between towns are considerable make sure that you don’t run out of petrol and drinking water. Refuel when you can, please note that cash is required for fuel and credit cards are not generally accepted.
-Plan your itinerary so that there is no need to rush. Driving on gravel roads can be unpredictable and the major cause of accidents is excessive speed. Do not exceed 80 km per hour!
-Take a lot of stops to rest in between the long distances.
-Do not try and attempt to drive through flooding rivers or flood plains
-Avoid driving at night (also dawn and dusk) because there is a real danger of stray animals crossing the road.
-In the case of a tyre burst, DO NOT HIT THE BREAKS, just take your foot of the accelerator and keep the vehicle in a straight line till it gets to a halt, then change the tyre.
-Check tyres regularly for cuts on side wall.
-If you hit an animal make sure there is no water or oil leak before you continue with your journey, also inform NTS as soon as is practically possible.
- When driving in a convoy on gravel roads leave enough space between you and the front vehicle for the dust to settle.
-Don’t stop in the middle of the road, park alongside it.
-Conditions in Africa can be tough on the vehicles, always check your vehicle when your stop, make sure there are no leaks and roof tents are still intact and fixed properly, should you notice anything, call our emergency line immediately.
-Please avoid driving at night at all cost, always plan enough time each day, to reach your destination before sunset. (September-March 19:00 April – August 18:00)

For any further questions you can always contact the Oryx Team!